1. Always condition your hair extensions before your install.  Run the hair under lukewarm water and add conditioner once the hair is completely wet.  Use your fingers to brush through the hair and then wash out the remaining product.  We recommend Organix conditioner to use on your extensions.

  2. To ensure no shedding, seal your wefts before installing.

  3. Avoid using heavy oily products and wash your extensions once a week to keep it moisturized and clean.

  4. Always use a heat protector before curling or flat ironing your hair.

  5. Use professional consulting for adding any coloring or other chemicals to your extensions.




  1. All natural brown hair can be colored and/or bleached to #27 color Honey Blonde.  Do not attempt to bleach natural brown hair to 613.  Luxxe Life Bundles urge you to seek professional help when using a chemical of any kind (bleach, color, perm, etc.) on your hair extensions.

  2. Coloring or bleaching your hair extensions will void any exchange of your order.

  3. When coloring/bleaching any virgin hair you do risk the chance of the pattern altering.  Luxxe Life Bundles will not refund, exchange or replace any hair extensions that have been chemically altered after purchase.



If you add any color or chemicals to your hair extensions after ordering, you run the risk of changing/damaging the curl pattern.  Luxxe Life Bundles is not responsible for damages resulting from any alterations to the original product.





  1. Cut your wefts – this causes shedding and thinning of your extensions.

  2. Sew through your wefts – construction of the hair wefts can weaken while also causing shedding and thinning of your extensions.

  3. Blow dry your hair – always let it air dry



Curly/Wavy Hair


  1. Detangle your hair extensions ONLY when the hair is wet.  Detangling while it’s dry can cause breakage and shedding.

  2. Detangle your curly/wavy hair daily in morning and night before wrapping or styling your hair.

  3. Use a leave in conditioner and water mix to help keep your curls/waves moisturized.

  4. Always detangle and comb your hair extensions from the ends up.



All Hair Textures:


  1. Depending on the hair pattern, you should twist or braid your hair extensions into two plaits or wrap your hair with a silk scarf of bonnet nightly.  This will help lock in moisture, eliminate unnecessary shedding and tangling and help the hair from matting and tangling while sleeping.